Gaming Anniversaries August 17- Action Fighter

Released August 17, 1986- Action Fighter

Action Fighter smacked into the Japanese market on this day in 86.  For the Sega Master System.

The very creatively named Action Fighter came out on this day and features some gameplay mechanics that players will recognize from games such as Spy Hunter.

The game starts is a shooter, starting off on a motorcycle, players will notice they are very vulnerable to attacks at first. However, Sega marked Vans will pull up to offer power-ups to players once they dock into them. Sounds familiar right?

By destroying other vehicles on the road, players will collect letters marked A through F. Once you collect up to letter D, you will transform into a sports car, making the game slightly faster and easier to maneuver. Collecting all the letters transforms you into a plane, which will guide you to the last of 5 stages and is required for completion. The plane changes the gameplay to feel a little more like Xevious. Additionally, there is a time limit. Basically, requires you to turn into a plane as quickly as possible.

Action Fighter is actually a decent game. Although it doesn’t sound like much and it borrows heavily from other arcade games it mimics.

If you’re looking for a fun and fast paced action game for the Sega Master System, look no further than the aptly named Action Fighter!

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