Gaming Anniversaries April 13: Postal 2

Released April 13 2003

Postal 2 is a hyper violent hugely controversial game released for PC.

Play as a guy who has had a bad day. Just trying to run some errands such as picking up your check or getting your laundry done.

Go about daily life and finding yourself blowing up cars, killing police officers or random citizens (who are simply going about their lives in the games world). Go around town befriending dogs or pissing off other animals while randomly and mercilessly killing others. All of this with your dog. Champ. A friendly trained murder dog ready to rip folks apart on your say so.

The violence in the game led to it being banned in a good few countries including Malaysia, Australia, Germany and New Zealand. For a brief while in Sweden as well. Probably for good reason considering the absolutely insane stuff going on in the world.

Later, in 2007 Postal 2 was green-lit on Steam and up until April of 2015, was still receiving updates in the form of the DLC “Paradise Lost”which adds a whole new level of murderous game-play

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