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Gamestop’s retro game program rolls out!

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A while ago, Gamestop announced its retro game program. Buying back and reselling your games from the NES and beyond. It’s finally here. , and…it isn’t too shabby.

The prices actually seem, dare I say it. Fair. Better yet, this program will save millions of copies of Super Mario Bros / Duck Hunt! We kid of course. Pricing ranges from US $6.99 for a copy a Tetris all the way to $60 for a refurbished NES console. Better than some online retailers. It actually makes me ashamed to admit that Gamestop may be on to something with this. May even be able to help regulate the inflated market for retro games and hardware. They are selling Mega Man 6 right now for $45. I’m not sure I’ve seen a copy go for less than $60.

Even if it is just an effort to cash in on an expanding niche market. I’d say they’re on to a great start.

With any luck, Gamestop’s retro game program may be a solid venture. You can check it out right HERE!


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