Gaming Anniversaries June 16- Game and Watch: Parachute

Released June 16- 1981- Game and Watch: Parachute

The first game in the third series of Game and Watch games released by Nintendo was Parachute. Released on this day in 1981.

Nintendo’s popular handled series didn’t just stop with a couple of games. There were, in fact, dozens of them. Parachute is the first game in the third series of gaming handhelds, that were imitated in form by Tiger Electronics much later.

In Parachute, players must row a boat across the screen in order to save the characters dropped from helicopters into a sea filled with sharks. Players can save up to ten characters at a time. Additionally, the more score you earn, the more lives you could gain to continue playing. Failing to save one of the parachuters will trigger a scene in with the character is eaten by a shark. Game and Watch: Parachute also included a B-type game, in which the falling parachutists can get stuck in trees and dangle over the ocean before being saved. Adding a level of intensity to the game.

The game and Watch series as a whole was extremely popular. Parachute is the first “Wide Screen” game and went on to sell quite well. Parachute was included in the DS game “Game and Watch Collection 2” that was a Club Nintendo exclusive.

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