Gaming Anniversaries May 21’st – Game Boy Wars

Released May 21’st, 1991- Game Boy Wars

Game Boy Wars was an exclusively Japanese GameBoy Game. Based on the Famicom Wars series.

Sadly, Nintendo didn’t think that North America would be very receptive to the series. Meaning that we didn’t get the game until the Advance Wars series on the GameBoy Advance. That’s funny because the Advance Wars series quickly became one of the most popular for the GameBoy Advance in the US.

GameBoy Wars follows similar gameplay to the Famicom Wars series. It featured a turn-based strategy system. Each side controls an army, either Red Star or White Moon and wages war on each other. Taking control of hexagonal maps and destroying each other’s forces and buildings. Controlling up to 50 units, players give each one a task. Either attack, conquer or defend.

Fans are still asking for the game to be released officially on the 3DS virtual console. Sadly, it seems that won’t be happening anytime soon. In the meantime, you can check out this neat Japanese TV spot for the game from 1991.



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