Gaming Anniversaries June 7- The Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventures

Released June 7, 2004 – The Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventures

Released on the GameCube in North America on June 7 of 2004, The Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventures!

In this game in The Legend of Zelda Series’, it tells the story of how long ago, in Hyrule, the evil sorcerer named Vaati had been kidnapping young girls. Eventually, an adventurer that carried the Four Sword had been able to seal away Vaati. Ultimately, however, many years later, Vaati had escaped and it’s up to Link to seal him once again.

Like other entries in the series, Four Swords Adventures is played in a top-down perspective. The game uses a maze-like level layout taking place above and below ground. Four Swords Adventures is known for being the first game in the series to include multiplayer. Wherein up to four players can control a version of Link that’s been separated by the four swords power. In order to complete the mazes and solve the puzzles, the four Links must work together. Additionally, the game provides a battle mode that pits each player against each other.

Four Swords Adventures was hugely successful on release. Like most games in the franchise. This one winning many awards such as Game of the Year 2004 and Multiplayer Game of the Year 2004. Leading to several more releases including one for a limited time on the 3DS.


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