Gaming Anniversaries November 18- Forgotten Worlds

Released November 18, 1989- Forgotten Worlds

Forgotten Worlds shot into the Japanese market on this day in 1989. For the Sega Mega Drive!

Forgotten Worlds is a shooter unlike any other. Take control of two brothers that both strangely resemble Arnold Schwarzenegger as they stop the evil Alien scum known as Emperor Bios trying to take over the planet! He’s almost succeeded, and has turned Earth into what is now named “Dust World”. A wasteland of veritable proportions.

Players will fly around the screen as their chosen brother with a jetpack shooting wave after wave of aliens with their fully automatic weapons. Additionally, a satellite will allow you the full 360-degree movement of your character. At the end of each of the game’s levels, is a boss that must be killed to further the game.  Furthermore, all enemies you kill will drop money, which can be collected and spent at the shops at the end of the level. For some pretty sweet power-ups. Such as bigger more badass weapons and heavier armor. You may also pick up first aid packs and health kits. Should you need them.

Forgotten Worlds is one of the best shooters on the Mega Drive and definitely one you should be picking up to try out. It far surpasses other similar games of the era. Sadly, it never made it to another release. Leaving its name stuck in the 80’s forever.

Have you played Forgotten Worlds? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below!


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