Final Fantasy VII Now available on PS4!

Hey folks!

If you were paying attention to this years PSX, youd know by now that Final Fantasy VII is now available for Playstation 4 users! Complete with a whole new list of trophie to collect to add to your gaming library.

Do people care about trophie and achievements anymore? Of course you do. Especially for a game two decades old. Come on. Go ahead and pick it up. Its 32% off this week on the PS4. If youve never played it. now is tyour chance to really try it out and colect a few trophies for your efforts.

Shameless confession: I have never finished Final Fantasy VII. I own it on every Playstation device I have ever owned, but it just alluded me. In the 90’s my time for RPG’s was taken over by Harvest Moon of all games. Now I have no excuse. Please hold me to finishing Final Fantasy VII!

Final Fantasy VII PS4


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