Gaming Anniversaries September 30-The Final Fantasy Legend

Released September 30, 1990- The Final Fantasy Legend

The Final Fantasy Legend hit the North American market on this day in 1990. For the Nintendo Gameboy!

Final Fantasy Legend is the first handheld Final Fantasy game. Players can now take their adventure with them in their pocket!

The game allows you to choose from one of eight different characters. You can be the usual Male or Female, Human, Zombie, Mutant, etc.. However, no matter which you choose, the end goal is the same. You must gain levels and experience by defeating enemies across the country!

Further to your original starting point. Players can select new characters to form their party. Of course, each one has a limit to the number of moves they can make at any one turn. When there is more than one member of the party, each member will earn equal experience points.

Most of Final Fantasy Legend occurs in towns and castles as well as dungeons. Players will interact with NPC’s throughout the game to unfold a little more of the story each time. Once each world is completed, an addition to the overworld map occurs. Players can freely wander the overworld map unless restricted by such terrain as mountains or water. The goal in each world is to unlock the tower to the next one. This will be a long and arduous challenge, but the gameplay while remains much the same. Rewards players at every turn, making it an addictive play experience.

Final Fantasy Legend is the first FF game to sell over 1 million copies. Making it hugely successful for square and leading to further sequels in the Legend series as well as the mainline. The game reviewed very favorably across the world. With many critics praising its story while criticizing its repetitive gameplay mechanics. This obviously led in favor of the game. Few titles in this era sold over a million copies.

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