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Released December 18- 1987- Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy debuted in the Japanese market on this day in 1987. For the Nintendo Famicom!

Final Fantasy is one the best RPG series of any era. The same can be said for the very first in the series.

In Final Fantasy, you take on the role of not one, but 4 characters as they traverse the land and ultimately save the world.

Your merry band of misfit characters includes 4 characters of the players choosing from 6 different classes. Such as Fighter, Theif, Black Mage, Red Mage and White Mage. Additionally, the player will also be responsible for naming all of them. Once the player has input all of the required information and reads the story as it’s displayed on the screen, the game begins. Your party will walk about in a top-down world visiting cities, forests caves, and castles. Along the way, random battle encounters will occur that require input from the player to complete. Players can choose to fight, use magic or run. Finally, after defeating an enemy, you gain experience points and occasionally an item. Moreover, for some reason a character dies in combat, don’t fret, they can be revived for a fee in most towns or cities.

As characters gain experience and levels, they will gain new spells and attacks. However, some spells are to be purchased in towns along with weapons and armor. Everything the player can do in the game will be critical; to finishing this epic adventure.

The game is available on most platforms today. Most recently, Final Fantasy appeared as one of the 30 games available to play on the NES Classic Edition.

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