Gaming Anniversaries July 9- Feild Combat

Released July 9, 1985- Feild Combat

Field Combat blasted its way to the Famicom on this day in 2009. For the Japanese market.

Field Combat has players assuming to be the commander of the Blue forces in the war against the Red forces. Taking control of a flying saucer-like spacecraft named the Genesis that can capture enemies and fire missiles, as well as deploy units onto the feild.

The game is viewed from a top down perspective. The Genesis has a reticle placed at a certain distance indicating its position on the field and allowing targets to be chosen. It can also deploy up to six units to the field. The game’s units range from tanks to helicopters, making for some strange gameplay, considering you’re a flying saucer. Additionally, the enemy team has the same units and can, in turn, steal yours with their own Flying Saucer. Field Combat was an excellent port of the arcade game of the same name.

The game went on to become very popular in Japan. Sadly it did not see a release outside of the region. Luckily, Field Combat is light on text, making it an easy play for non-Japanese.


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