Gaming Anniversaries June 15- Fantasy Zone

Released June 15, 1986- Fantasy Zone

Fantasy Zone was ported to the Sega Master System on this day in 1986. For the Japanese Market.

Featuring bright colors and fun shooter gameplay, Fantasy Zone is a fan favorite on the Sega Master System.

The game takes place over eight brightly colored worlds. Users play as Opa-Opa in order to defeat the alien invaders who, by using ill-gotten foreign currency, intend to take over the Fantasy Zone.

The year is “Space Year 6216”. The Fantasy Zone is on the brink of collapse due to problems in the interplanetary currency system. The Space Guild has learned of the dastardly plans of the planet Menon. Which aims to steal the remainder of funds in order to build a giant fortress. It’s up to Opa-Opa to put an end to their evil plans and save the Fantasy Zone once and for all. However, many surprises await and the leader of this evil plan is uncovered to be someone very near and dear to Opa-Opa.

The Arcade game is a little bit different. It is the space year 1422. Still, the game went on to be a huge commercial success. It was the 80’s after all, and Space was all the rage. It’s very interesting to see such a brightly colored shooter game with lots of fun and interesting enemies. Most shooters of the time were very monotone and drab in color. This led to the game being marketed more towards a younger audience. However, it’s certainly a staple in any Master System collection today. Additionally, the game was ported to a plethora of other consoles, including the PC Engine, Neo-Geo and the Famicom!

I couldn’t find a commercial for the Master System version, but the Japanese commercial for the Famicom version is certainly brilliant!

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