Fallout 4, my life is over

Dear Fallout 4, My life is over.

It’s your fault. All your fault that I have no time to spend with friends. All your fault that I can barely write a sentence without longing to play more of you. All your fault I had just invested almost 200 solid hours since your release on November 10.

My life is over. I know this because I played your previous game. Fallout 3 (Without mentioning New Vegas) I played well over 700 hours in total with each consecutive play-through. You make things so different and interesting each and every time. I start anew, or even decide to go a different route after a catastrophic failure.

Barring your bugs and glitches, you’re the best game I have ever played. maybe not the literal best, but dammit I cant look away.

Even Metal Gear Solid, my professed favorite game series cant compare.

Is it because with each consecutive play-through you somehow manage to shake things up? Is it because you allow the player to grow such an attachment to the character they have created? Is it because of the charm of knowing most everywhere you look is explorable with little to no restrictions or is it simply because you’re a very different kind of RPG?

I’m still not clear. Are you an RPG or an FPS? Maybe that mystery is what keeps drawing me back. Or maybe its the story. A post apocalyptic Boston? Heck yes.

All I know is every time I take down a behemoth for the brotherhood or pair up with a new companion, you shake things up like a bag of scrabble tiles. You really never know what youre going to get.

I guess I’ll keep wandering the Wasteland of Boston until I can figure it out.

Fallout 4, my life is over

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