Want a Fallout 4 Alien Blaster? Start saving your pennies

You too can ward off Deathclaws with your very own Alien Blaster!

Toy maker TriForce has created a 15-inch long Alien Blaster replica from Fallout 4. Weighing in at a whopping eight pounds. This full scale 1:1 replica of the games famous weapon won’t actually, save you from a Deathclaw attack. But it will look really cool on your shelf!

The replica looks absolutely fantastic. It will cost you, however. A one hundred US dollar deposit is required to hold your pre-order with the final total being a wild four hundred dollars US.

The Alien Blaster replica boasts some cool LED lights and is promised to have a “handcrafted” level of quality.

If you want one, you can drop your hundred bucks right here. Be warned though, the product isn’t expected to ship until 2018. Better be sure you can wait before dropping the cash wad!


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