Gaming Anniversaries November 9- Escape from Monkey Island

Released November 9, 2000- Escape From Monkey Island

Escape From monkey Island slinked its way into the North American market on this day in 2000. For Windows PC’s!

Escape From Monkey Island is a direct sequel to the iconic DOS and Windows game, Curse of Monkey Island. Making it the fourth game in the series.

Clearly, the game will take place on Monkey Island and follow the events that take place immediately after the first game. Guybrush Threepwood has defeated the evil Zombie pirate known as LeChuck and goes on to marry his lovely Elaine Marley. Upon returning to their home, they discover things have gone south and an Australian businessman known as Ozzie Mandrill is turning their home into an amusement park. Moreover, Elaine’s mansion is being demolished! It’s up to Guybrush to travel to exotic lands and solve puzzles, in an effort to bring his home back to normal!

Gameplay is very basic. It doesn’t require you to use a mouse. Instead, it relies on context and dialogue trees as well as inventory management to play. Upon approaching an item, Guybrush may be given options or it could even be the key to solving a puzzle.

Escape From Monkey Island uses a similar graphics style to previous entries. In so far as that it uses pre-rendered backgrounds. however, the use of 3D modelling in this game is much nicer than before.

If you haven’t played the original games in the series, definitely give them a shot. The games are addicting and are sure to keep you entertained. Let us know what you think of this one in the comments below!

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