Really Awful Game Review! – Endless Horror (DOS Shareware)

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Endless Horror is an endless horror of a video game

It’s hard to believe that someone could produce and sell a game like Endless Horror in 1994.

However, it seems someone found a way. The game is supposedly, or seemingly, a futuristic fighting game. All of the ozone finally burned up, presumably due to global warming, and you’re the last man standing. Most everyone else turned into these creatures called “Froggers”, stick figures with long green attack tongues. (Your guess is as good as mine). Anyway, you try to mash the arrow keys to get your own red stick figure guy to do something. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Leading to a great deal of frustration.

It might even be ok to say that the game would’ve been passable if the keys actually controlled the characters. Sadly this isn’t the case. The only attack I managed to pull off was sticking my arm straight out and waiting for the “Frogger” to walk into it.

There are no sound effects in Endless Horror aside from a few blips when a Frogger approaches your fist and the backgrounds never seem to change. It’s abundantly clear that this game was never finished.

What’s more? The game demands you pay up US$10 in order to keep playing beyond the 14 days “evaluation period” and then promises to reveal the secret key to unleash your energy. It’s obviously not in the game or I’d have found it by now. This game is a true abomination. I struggle to even call it a game. At best, its a tech demo.

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