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Gaming Anniversaries June 28-Elevator Action

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Released June 28, 1985- Elevator Action

Elevator Action rose its way to store shelves in the Japanese market on this day in 1985. For the Nintendo Famicom.

You are “Otto” also known as agent 17. You must secure all the top secret documents from a building as you evade capture by enemy spies, and escape in the getaway car. Agent 17 can stop enemies with his gun, crushing them with the elevator or even shooting a light fixture to knock it down. Hence, knocking out the enemy. However, when you knock out a light, the floor goes dark, making it much more difficult to locate the enemies. Additionally, there is a time limit. If you take too long to locate the documents, an alarm goes off, making the elevator more difficult to move. Leaving Otto in danger of enemy spies. Later in the game, Agent 17 will also use escalators making the game a little faster to play.

Agent 17 traverses the floors by moving up and down on an elevator. Once all the documents are located, you must reach the bottom level to escape. The game has a perfect range of gameplay to keep players addicted. It’s simple, fun and challenging all at once.

Elevator Action saw several re-releases since the NES release. Moreover, there are a number of games based on its gameplay. Such as several for the Palm OS and even the game “Dexters Laboratory Robot Rampage” for the GameBoy Color. Further, several sequels came out much later for the game. Including one on Mobile Phones exclusive to Japan known as “Elevator Action Zero”. It is definitely a fun game everyone should at least try.



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