Gaming Anniversaries July 27- Earthbound Beginnings

Released July 27, 1989- Earthbound Beginnings

Earthbound Beginnings, also known as Mother, was released on this day in the Japanese market. For the Nintendo Famicom.

 The Japanese version of Earthbound Beginnings is the first entry in the Mother series. Sadly, it never made it to the US market on the NES. \
The game is an RPG with a very interesting story. Sometime in the 1900’s a man named George and his wife Maria simply vanished from Earth. No trace left behind. Years later, George suddenly reappears. However, his wife is never to be seen again.
In 1988, a young boy named Ninten is attacked by a strange entity, later revealed to be Aliens wreaking havoc on Planet Earth. Ninten’s father explains that he must have psychic powers as his grandfather was studying. He set’s off on a fantastical journey to distant planets to uncover the secrets of the Aliens and save the planet from sure destruction. Along the way, Ninten will make friends with other psychics and uncover the mystery of George’s wife, Maria.
Earthbound beginnings almost didn’t make it to the US market, despite huge success in the Japanese region Prototypes of the game turned up, however.  Indicating that the game was ready for full-scale release.  It wasn’t until 2015 when Earthbound Beginnings was officially released to the US market on the Wii U Virtual Console service. Sadly, other entries besides the Earthbound game for the Super Nintendo have not been officially released to this date.
The game sold very well in the Japanese market. Unfortunately, Nintendo didn’t see as much appeal in the west, and the project didn’t make it here.

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