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Don’t have time to go through all the conferences yourself and looking for highlights? Here’s your complete breakdown on the big 3 console manufacturers for E32015.

On Monday, Microsoft stepped up to unveil a killer line-up of exclusive games for Xbox One along with a slough of new features for the console itself, along with some interesting Holo-Lens demo that blew the crowd away.

Microsoft starts with a short demo of newly announced Halo 5 Guardians along with a trailer for the new War zone Multi-player

They announced a large number of games and exclusives coming to the console a lot sooner than expected. From Keiji Infaune and the Makers of Metroid Prime comes Xbox One exclusive title Recore.

Fallout 3 will come out for Xbox One with your copy of Fallout 4. The exciting part? They’re allowing any mod that worked on the PC version, to now work on the Console version.

For the next week, ALL Xbox live gold members have free access to the EA Access service to see what they are or are not missing. Now you can judge it for yourselves before dropping the annual fee.

Plants Vs Zombie Garden Warfare was announced along with a cute trailer, introducing new game-play features and mechanics.

Forza Motorsport 6 was announced and being released in September of this year!

Tom Clancy’s the division was announced and shown off with an epic trailer alongside Rainbow Six Siege and indie game Gigantic, Ashen, Beyond Eyes and Cup-Head.

Microsoft rolling out Xbox Game Preview for users and new update coming in holiday of this year to allow Backwards Compatibility on the console with Xbox 360 games at no extra charge, (Little stab at Sony’s PSNOW service)

Day Z, Ion, Rise of the tomb raider footage along with a collection of 30 classic Rare titles on one disk for Xbox one. Fable Legends and an epic demo of the new Holo-lens hardware being released in January 2016!  Gears of war Ultimate Edition will be a remastering of all the gears games you loved on 360, but for Xbox One. All-in-All Microsoft came out swinging showing off streaming capabilities with Windows 10 and so much more.

Watch the entire conference Right Here Now!


Sony’s conference was later on Tuesday and did they have a show!

Starting their conference was a short trailer from the long-thought-cancelled game The Last Guardian they then led into a new Hitman game as well as Horizon Zero Dawn.

Showing some sweet new footage from Street Fighter V and some exclusive footage from No Man’s sky.

Media Molecule took the stage to announce their next pet-project Dreams.

Firewatch will make its console debut on PS4 along with Assasins Creed Syndicat and World of Final Fantasy.

Stealing the show for Sony and securing its place in history Square Enix has finally announced its working on Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

The newest game in the Call Of Duty series will enjoy timed-exclusiivity on the PS4 with Call of Duty Black Ops 3.

Watch the entire show Right Here Now!

Nintendo came out swinging on Tuesday with the announcement of Star Fox Wii u, Skylanders Amiibo Zelda Triforce Heroes and Hyrule Warriors 3DS with exclusive content!

Also some Metroid spin-off titles and Xenoblade Chronicles X and Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer for the 3DS.

Nintendo was’nt shy about Amiibo this year while announcing several new Amiibo’s for Animal Crossing and exclusive nintendo branded Skylanders X Amiibo figures.

Several more games were announced along with Yokai Watch and Mario and Luigi Paper Jame for 3DS, Mario Tennis Ultra Smash and Super Mario Maker for the WiiU.

See the whole show for yourself, Right Here Now

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