Gaming Anniversaries July 18- Dragon Warrior III

Released July 18, 2001- Dragon Warrior II

Dragon Warrior III struck the North American market on this day in 2001. For the GameBoy Color.

Dragon Warrior, also known as Dragon Quest is a fantastic RPG series from Japan. While we got the original game on the NES, the updated and better remake came to North America in 2001.

It featured the amazing story telling and active game play that fans would expect from the series. As the final entry in the mainline Dragon Warrior Trilogy, it certainly did not disappoint worldwide.

You are the son of the powerful warrior called Ortega. Ortega has gone to fight the evil Baramos and save the kingdom once again. However, this time, he didn’t return. The King asks you to set out on a quest to find him and bring him home. During the course of the story, the player will pick up a party of like minded travelers who will join you and assist you in battle.

The game features a day/night cycle, the shops in Dragon Warrior III are typically closed during the night. Along with all of the standard JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game) troupes you expect from the series. Such as defeating enemies to earn XP to level up your character and collecting items and armor to strengthen the playable characters. There are also puzzles the player must solve and areas you need to be strong enough to enter. Additionally, there is a job system. As characters level up and reach level 20, you can reset them to become a different class to complete things in the game or change up your play style.

It comes as no surprise that Dragon Warrior III was very well received by critics. Selling over 604,000 units on its first day.

Which version of Dragon Warrior was your favorite?

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