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Released January 7, 1987- Dragon Buster

Dragon Buster hit the Japanese market on this day in 1987. For the Nintendo Famicom!

Dragon Buster is a unique action-platform game released originally in the arcades.

The game consists of several very large levels which multiple levels in between. Including caves, castles, and towers. The player, armed with only a sword, must fight his way through them with the end goal of each level to beat the final boss. Players aren’t required to beat all of the levels inside each level. In fact, it’s possible to completely bypass some levels to reach the final boss. Which is a godsend for players, as it’s impossible to heal between particularly difficult levels. Additionally, there are multiple ways to finish a level. So no two playthroughs may be the same.

Dragon Buster is an incredibly difficult game. Although it appears simple, as it’s impossible to heal between levels, playthroughs must be near perfect. However, some power-ups exist to help you through it. However, you must stay ing good health to have any hope of defeating the game.

Sadly, despite all of this, the game is plagued with the Famicom’s poor hit detection. Meaning it could appear you made a direct hit against that final bosses stupid head, but no damage will register. Adding another extremely frustrating measure into the game’s repertoire.

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