Gaming Anniversaries July 4- Donkey Kong 3

Released July 4, 1984- Donkey Kong 3

Donkey Kong 3 hit this Japanese market on this day in 1984. For the Nintendo Famicom.

Originally released for the Arcades in 83′ Donkey Kong 3 takes on a whole new world of gameplay from the original.

In the third of the series, Donkey Kong has overtaken a greenhouse. Armed with bees at his command. Players play as Stanley the Bugman, (that’s right, not Mario) who shoots at DK until he climbs to the top of two ropes. Dropping down “Super Bugspray” which will allow for a greater shooting radius. Upon beating the level Donkey Kong is forced into the next stage of the greenhouse. Additionally, Stanley has to prevent other insects, which climb down vines, from eating all the flowers in the Greenhouse. Once players finish three levels, the game begins again.

DK3 hasn’t been very well received since its first release. Originally, the game was lauded for its fast action arcade gameplay. However, being such a departure from what made Donkey Kong great, it didn’t score well in subsequent releases on the Virtual Console.


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