Weird gaming news. Cracker Jack drops toys, adds mobile games?

Cracker Jack’s ditching the stickers and toys. Joining the modern age.

Remember when you’d get a box of Cracker Jacks and there would be some whistle or a sticker and the history of Cracker Jack in the package? Well not anymore. Pepsi-Co/Frito Lay are joining the modern age with a new treat for the baseball fanatic. Each package will now include an augmented reality game.

Inside there will be a sticker with a QR code that unlocks one of four augmented reality experiences. Such as the ability to create baseball cards and autograph photos of yourself, Dance Cam which will allow you to pretend you’re on the jumbo tron at one of the games or Dot Race which sees you racing around the baseball diamond. Users (snackers) will need to download the Blippar app before they can begin playing. All in all, pretty interesting new idea for Cracker Jack!

We haven’t seen these arrive in Canada just yet. So it’s possible this is a US only thing. However its not that often I see Cracker Jacks available in stores, save for specialty candy stores.

Still, isn’t a little sad you wont get another sticker of Sailor Jack again?

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