Gaming Anniversaries February 9- Contra

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Released February 9, 1988- Contra

Contra shot into the Japanese market on this day in 1988. For the Nintendo Famicom!

Contra is one of the most iconic games on the NES platform. With its rapid running and gunning and multi-directional shots making it one of the greatest shooters on the system.

The game is actually a port of the arcade version and is one of the few instances where the port is better than the original. Contra on the NES features longer levels and more diversified power-ups.

The point of the game is to play as Bill or Lance or both in the two-player mode in an effort to take down the evil Red Falcon organization before they can take over the world. To that end, you’ll face off against hundreds of enemies and huge alien bosses, making Contra a very exciting game. Players can collect spread shots, rockets and lasers to make the fight a little easier, but its also extraordinarily difficult. Especially for new players. Luckily, the famous Konami code makes an appearance, entering it will unlock 30 lives instead of the standard three, and you’ll likely need them all.

Contra is one that I hope none of you missed. But if you’ve just recently tried it for the first time or it’s an all-time favorite, let us know in the comments down below!

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