Gaming Anniversaries September 14- Clock Tower

Released September 14, 1995- Clock Tower

Clock Tower scared the Japanese market on this day in 95′. For the Super Famicom!

Clock Tower is a horror survival type game for the Super Famicom. That sadly did not receive a release outside of Japan on the system.

You play as Jennifer, an orphan who along with her friends, is adopted by a lady named Mary Barrows and her Husband, Mr. Barrows. They’re all brought to live in a mansion. Sure it looked creepy, but things were going great. Until, one day, Jennifer’s friends start showing up dead. One by one. To add to this horror, Mary and her Husband are missing, and a crazed lunatic is chasing after Jennifer, known as Scissorman!

Players will control Jennifer as she makes her way through the Mansion and throughout the clock tower to save herself. Additionally, there are other strange things happening, wild monsters will appear and give chase and Scissorman could pop out at any minute. Furthermore, there is a time limit. AND Jennifer has no weapons to protect herself with! The level of stress in this game kept players enthralled.

The game has a very slow feeling to it. However, there is a lot to keep you engaged. Translated versions of Clock Tower are available.

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