Gaming Anniversaries September 27- City Connection

Released September 27, 1985- City Connection

City Connection drove into the Japanese market on this day in 85′. For the Nintendo Famicom.

City Connection is a unique type of arcade driving game.

Players will control a car that can never be stopped while driving along and seemingly painting a roadway. The car turns 180 degrees to go in the other direction. Surely it sounds a little simple. However, along with the path of the car, there are cops that will try to stop you, spikes and oil cans and even cats with no regard for their well-being to get in your way. The cops can be stopped by the oil cans that are placed along the level. Additionally, there are balloons that will warp you to the next level. The whole game sounds a little strange, but it’s actually lots of fun in its simplicity. The goal is to paint all of the roads along the level to progress to the next one.

The game is known well for its soundtrack. As each city has a new musical tune. That said, they do all resemble a version of  “Allegro non troppo e molto maestoso” from Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No.1. Which in itself is interesting.

City Connection fared pretty well on the NES as well as its other home versions. It had releases on the Arcade, the MSX and even the ZX Spectrum. Unfortunately, it wasn’t heard from again until much much later. When a version was released exclusively to Japanese mobile phones. The game was entitled City Connection Rocket. I for one would have loved to play it.

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