Gaming Anniversaries May 20’th – Bust a Move 2 Arcade Edition

Released May 20’th, 1998 – Bust a Move 2 Arcade Edition

Bust a Move 2 Arcade Edition was released in North America for the Nintendo 64 system on May 20’th, of 1998.

Also known as Puzzle Bobble 2 in Japan, Bust A Move 2 was another entry in the popular franchise Bust a Move. The game was a part of a spinoff of the Bubble Bobble games on the NES that played quite differently. 

Bust a Move 2 Arcade Edition played the same as the previous entry in the series. Players got one colored bubble at a time to aim and pop the bubbles above you. This has been referred to as a “reverse-Tetris” and works extremely well. Also, the game requires a certain amount of skill as popping them in chains yields more points and a faster finish time. Using the in-game physics to aim bubbles at the walls to get them in just the right spot. Mastering it lead to much faster finish times and higher scores.

Additional editions of the game came out long prior to this one. Including releases on the Arcade, Sega Saturn,  and the PlayStation.

Currently, the world record for this game belongs to a fellow named Shawne Vinson. Who earned 11,183,560 points. You can watch how he did it over at RecordSetter.

However, if you just want to give the high score a shot. You know what it is now. Also, the game is fun. So why not give it a shot?

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