Gaming Anniversaries July 10- Booby Kids

Released July 10, 1987- Booby Kids

Booby Kids hit the Japanese market on this day in 1987. For the Nintendo Famicom.

A fantastic top down arcade type game. Taking place over several different time periods. Such as the Prehistoric Era and Feudal Japan. Players use one of the titular “Booby Kids” to traverse a level and collect as many treasures as possible without being killed. To that end, the player has traps to use against the enemies. Every trap only lasts a few seconds, at the which point the enemies will be back out to attack. The game also increases in difficulty after every level, with the first being very easy and the last being difficult.

Moreover, Booby Kids is a port of an arcade game known as ” Kid no Hore Hore Daisakusen ” which was originally called Booby Kids. Sadly, the game was only produced and sold in the Japanese market, and no port was ever made available for the North American market.  The game must have been at least somewhat popular in the region, as several years later a sequel was produced for the GameBoy. This one being known as Booby Boys which was also exclusive to the Japanese market.

The game is great fun. It’s a real shame that we didn’t see a release in the Western world.


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