Gaming Anniversaries July 20- Bionic Commando

Released July 20, 1988- Bionic Commando

Bionic Commando swings into the Japanese market on this day in 88′. For the Nintendo Famicom.

Bionic Commando is one of my personal favourite games on the NES. So we celebrate its anniversary today for the Famicom! It’s known as
“Hitler No Fukkatsu: Top Secret” in that region.

For those that don’t already know, Bionic Commando is a game about swinging and shooting. There is no jumping in this platform action game. Instead, players had to use the main characters bionic arm to swing from place to place.

The game takes place at some point in the 1980s. A hostile organisation known as the Empire is waging a war between the good guys known as the Federation. The Empire see’s itself as the true successor to the world’s power and will do anything to reclaim it. Going so far as calling themselves the “Nazz”. In an apparent nod to the Nazi’s. The Federation originally sent their hero Super Joe to stop them from building WMD’s and winning. However, Super Joe was captured. Therefore, the Federation sends in their Bionic soldier. Ladd Spencer, to rescue him and stop the Empire once and for all.Additionally, the Japanese version includes a great deal of Nazi imagery. It’s really fascinating.

Bionic Commando quickly became a true classic on the system. Renowned for its unique gameplay and play mechanics and colourful enemies. Players will often remember the classic ending to the game, where it’s clear that a significant historical figures head explodes.

Before 2008, the game wasn’t heard of in over 20 years. Capcom released a modern edition of the game known as Bionic Commando which failed pretty bad and can be found for around $5 at Gamestop. They also released alongside it Bionic Commando Rearmed and Rearmed 2 a little while later which are fantastic games. However, you should really play the original. No remake can touch it.



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