Gaming Anniversaries November 3- Beyond the Beyond

Beyond the Beyond

Released November 3, 1995- Beyond the Beyond

Beyond the Beyond slashed its way into the Japanese market on this day ion 95′, For the Sony PlayStation.

There was no shortage of RPG’s on the PlayStation. In 1995, so many of them came out in Japan it was hard to count. Beyond the Beyond is one that even I haven’t heard of up until recently. however, it doesn’t ‘t excuse it. As its actually a pretty great game.

The hero of the game, Finn by default but nameable by the player, is living in the peaceful village of Isla. Until one day, the neighbouring Bandore Empire attacks and levels his village. Finn manages to escape to the Marion Castle only to discover that that too was overtaken by the enemy. Finn soon learns of the ancient legend of long ago, telling of the Beings of Light and the Warlords of the Underworld who signed a treaty to leave the surface world out of their war. It seems the treaty was broken and they are now ravaging the surface.

It’s up to Finn and his band of hangers-on, friends and other characters alike to come together to stop the evil that has surfaced once and for all!

Gameplay Elements and how it was received.

Beyond the Beyond plays the same as most other RPGs. The game will include random battles, a level up system and the usual item management. Unfortunately, nothing really sets the game up as anything different. Which in all likelihood is why it’s relatively unknown. It’s only saving grace was the beautiful and sometimes chaotic sounding soundtrack. Beyond the Beyond was ultimately panned by critics and sadly, it was a bit of a flop.

That didn’t stop it from garnering a small internet cult-following however. Like I said before, the game is actually really good and is definitely worth a play today!

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