Are You Better At Games After Smoking Weed?

Better At Games After Smoking Weed?

It’s 4/20. What better day to talk about pot and video games

Pot and video games have long been synonymous with each other. Marijuana tends to bring out a good time in most people. Perhaps its the heightened feeling of enjoyment that makes the two meld together in such a way. The thing is though, Pot helps to focus your mind. In almost every facet. Long gone are the days of the arcade warnings that say “Winners don’t use drugs”. Some winners find they’re better at games after smoking weed.

People Believe you are better at games when smoking weed.

As recently as 2015, players would arrive at e-sports tournaments high just because they felt it made them play better.

The truth is, this increased focus is because of the calming effects of pot. Some strains may behave differently. But overall, marijuana is calming. This helps to empty the mind of your inhibitions and simply become a character in the game. Allowing you to feel things you may otherwise not feel. Such as a real sense of loss when you get that game over screen.

Everyone knows there is a certain level of drunk you can be in order to be REALLY good at your favorite game. One extra sip and suddenly you suck again. I believe this is due to the same euphoric effect you get after that just right amount. Weed for all intents and purposes can allow that feeling to last longer and doesn’t give you that waking hangover. So is it true? Are you better at games when smoking weed?

There have been numerous studies done on the subject. Most are in the field of substance abuse. Motherboard themselves however decided to give it a shot. There’s no way to know the level of proficiency these guys had in their games prior to smoking weed. To their credit, they played Spelunky. A procedural generated game. Meaning no amount of memorization was possible. The end result was that they found their scores were higher at the end of the night smoking than they were sober. One of them even beating the entire game. Including the hidden Hell level with final scores of over 400,000.

Ultimately meaning they were better at games after smoking weed. Ending their study by saying “Yet it’s hard to argue that getting high and playing games is muting all of your higher faculties. In fact, your mind during altered-state gaming appears to be operating at a very sophisticated level of engagement. Game on.”

Marijuana can increase your focus, but not your mental alertness. You may find you have a slower than average reaction time.  This can sometimes be in your favor for games that require such quick reactions and your minds altered state being able to slow down the pace.

Besides the study on Mother Board, there are several other studies on the subject that document the effect of marijuana on the memory because of its anti-inflammatory properties as well as antioxidant properties that help to breakdown Alzheimer’s risk or help folks suffering from the disease. For those that don’t know. Alzheimer’s is a disease that effects the memory. If it can help those folks. It can certainly help the average user with their memory skills while playing games.

Are You Better At Games After Smoking Weed?

At the end of the day though, I say its personal preference. Some prefer to be completely clear of mind and have their own thoughts while playing games. Some like to have that laser focus and the munchies. You might be better at games after smoking weed. However you choose to play your games. Just make sure you do it responsibly and reasonably. Don’t smoke and drive.  Smoke up and keep playing!


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