Gaming Anniversaries September 4- Beavis and Butthead Breaking the Lawn

Released September 4, 1994- Beavis and Butthead Breaking the Lawn

Beavis and Butthead Breaking the Lawn released worldwide on this day in 94′. For the Commodore Amiga!

The first Amiga game I’ve written about in this series of anniversary posts! This one was actually a fan creation. Also, a clone of the game Hover Bovver, produced by Llamasoft in 83 for the Atari 8-Bit and Commodore 64 computers of the time.

The game takes place in a large garden with an overhead view. Players will control Beavis and Butthead as they use a lawnmower and take aim at everything on the screen! There are hazards of course, such as Water which will result in death, along with an angry gardener and a dog who you must avoid. After completely demolishing everything in sight, you progress to the next garden.

The game is played with the joystick of course. Additionally, it supports up to 2 players. This allows for a chaotic and fun laugh riot of a time on the good old Amiga.

Go ahead, break the lawn and give it a try!

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