Gaming Anniversaries May 19’th – Baseball Stars

Released May 19’th, 1989 – Baseball Stars

Baseball Stars came out in the Japanese market for the Nintendo Famicom on May 19’th of 1989.

Developed and published by the famous developer SNK was Baseball Stars for the Famicom system.

It has the very distinct honor of being the first video game to utilize a battery backup system, Baseball Stars is known as the defining Baseball game on the NES. This system allowed players to create their own leagues and play seasons. Additionally, it used some elements of RPG gameplay. Each game played earns money. The amount of which is determined by the prestige level and the number of games played and won by the players which are related to the number of paying fans attending the games.  Correspondingly, the money can be used to purchase upgrades, or pre-designed in game players.

Baseball Stars included plenty of features. Including Teams, Stats (which it’s capable of because of the battery backup) and a Season and VS mode.

Gameplay is your basic Baseball game with some new elements. It is also the first baseball game that allowed players to time the field. The players will run towards the ball when it’s in the air as well as jump and dive towards it.

For all of its features, Baseball Stars deserves all of the praise and success it achieved. To this day, the game is still considered one of the best on the NES library. Despite being a sports game. With all of this success, the game was met with several sequels. None of which quite able to compare to the first.



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