Gaming Anniversaries January 12- Baron Baldric: A Grave Adventure

Released January 12, 1993- Baron Baldric: A Grave Adventure

Baron Baldric: A Grave Adventure dug into he Japanese market on this day in 93′. For DOS!

Baron Baldric: A Grave Adventure is a very rare DOS game. Although the Baron is quite well known for his appearances in other Apogee games, this one was only sold to a few people in Australia.

The game stars the titular Baron Baldric as he traverses the tomb of Castle Pedabouche in search of family treasures. Legend has it, that long ago, the Baron Lazarous Pedabouche was learning about evil wolf magic. Which turned him into a tyrant. He was fortunately stoned to death, along with a milk-maid named Rosie. Now, Rosie is doomed to haunt the castle for all eternity.

The game is a simple side-scrolling adventure type game. With plenty of neat puzzle elements. Baron Baldric must find flints to light torches, and even find food to survive. Additionally, paths will appear to be blocked. Baron Baldric can tap pillars with his cane to open new paths or discover ladders. Enemies in the game are few, thankfully, as our hero can’t attack. He can only jump out of the way to avoid them, and replenish health with food laying around the tomb. However, a 300-year-old piece of fried chicken wouldn’t be very appetizing to me.

The game is rather simple altogether, but it has a bit of a Prince of Persia type vibe to it. Moreover, it borrows elements from other games such as Montezuma’s Revenge and Impossible Mission II.

Overall, Baron Baldric: A Grave adventure is a unique puzzle-maze-side-scrolling type game that admittedly may not have been very successful worldwide. That said, they should have at least tried. There’s nothing wrong with a little freeware to wet our whistle. We’ve played much worse after all.


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