The AVS is the NES you’ve wanted since HD began.

RetroUSB does it again, introducing the AVS

The AVS is RetroUSB’s answer to the technical problem gamers have had since we started measuring our TV’s by how much P they had.

Plugging your original Nintendo into a 60″ HDTV certainly wasn’t the experience you expected. Games looked distorted, stretched, blurry or downright gross. RetroUSB has come up with a product that fixes all of these issues. The AVS. For just $185, you can pre-order one of these. Expected to be shipping in mid September, to really step up your game. The AVS has a wide list of features including 720P widescreen, HD Sound, Cheats, scan-lines and even a Famicom port. They’ve also curiously decided to include a built in NES Four Score adapter and a Famicom expansion port.

You may already know that RetroUSB is home to many great reproductions, including the Nintendo World Championships cart as well as PC USB Nintendo controllers, Power Paks and totally awesome NES home brew games, such as “Battle Kid”, with that kind of pedigree behind them, this is sure to be an awesome product!

You can order yours right HERE


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