Gaming Anniversaries April 17-Atlantis No Nazo

Released April 17 1986- Atlantis No Nazo (Mystery of Atlantis)


Atlantis No Nazo is a side scrolling plat-former released on the Famicom is 1986.


The game features an ability to move back and forth in two directions on the screen while using your environment to trick enemies or to exploit the game to make puzzles a little easier.

The game was never released outside of Japan. However a prototype cartridge was later found. Revealing the game was meant to be translated and released as Super Pitfall 2.

Atlantis No Nazo is regarded in Japan as a crap game. Most likely because of the NES’ terrible hit detection and players only having bombs to defend themselves. This makes Atlantis No Nazo’s 101 zones near impossible to beat for the average player. I admit I couldn’t get past zone 20.

The game has a “feature” in certain areas in which the screen will flash rapidly. Leading to player disruption and headaches but not the least of all the possibility for epileptic seizures. To that end, the developers later removed this feature from ports on the PlayStation and the much later port to the Famicom Classic Edition.

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