Atari Wants your Money To Help bring Roller Coaster Tycoon To The Nintendo Switch

Atari Wants your Money To Help bring Roller Coaster Tycoon To The Nintendo Switch

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For A Small One-Time Investment, You Could Be A Part Of Roller Coaster Tycoon On Switch.

Atari is at it again. But this time they don’t have some ridiculous Linux-based box to sell you. No no, it gets worse. They want your money to bring Roller Coaster Tycoon to the Nintendo Switch.

If you were sitting down to play a game and suddenly, the frothing desire to play Roller Coaster Tycoon on the Nintendo Switch hit you, you could be in luck. Atari is asking for a small chunk of change, just $250, to help them make it a reality.

Sound good? Well, here’s the bad news. That $250 is just an investment, it doesn’t even get you a copy of the game. However, you do get to share in the profits, if and when the game does get released. Do you feel like $250 is just too little to invest in such an amazing new game from Atari? Well, once again, you’re in luck, as there are alternate tiers available to pledge.

Tiers VS Tears

Such as a $750 investment that gets you a share of the profits of the game, as well as a whopping 25% off the retail price if and when the game is released! Jiminy Christmas what savings! But wait, is $750 STILL to little? Invest $1500 and you can get your share of the profits, which by the way, we didn’t mention decreases in size over time, plus a FREE copy of the book “Art of Atari” AND 25% off the retail price of Roller Coaster Tycoon on Nintendo Switch! Amazing.

The Nintendo Switch may be a home for ports of older games, but none have elicited such a weak marketing campaign to get their game made.  Furthermore, just the fact that they are doing this at all shows that there wasn’t much forethought put into this idea. Plus, the game can easily be played for a WHOLE lot less elsewhere. To say nothing of the fact the game is really old now.

What do you think of this new marketing and crowdfunding scheme from Atari? Let us know in the comments down below!


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