Gaming Anniversaries March 25- Disney’s Alladin

Released March 25, 1994- Disney’s Alladin

Aladdin hit the Japanese market on this day ion 1994. For the Sega GameGear!

While there were several version of Aladdin for the 16 bit systems of the day, Sega’s 8-bit GameGear system wasn’t left out of the loop.

Aladdin on this system is a fresh take on the classic of the Genesis and the Super Nintendo. Although, it still follows similar principles. The player will control Aladdin as he makes his way through several different locales from the film. Including the streets of Agrabah, the Cave of Wonders and the Sultans Palace. The gameplay changes form as the game progresses. Such as auto-running levels involving chases with lots of jumping, magic carpet rides as well as simple platforming!

Aladdin on the GameGear looks crisp and bright and the gameplay is fluid. Moreover, the music is fitting. Unlike in some other kinds of movie-tie-in games. This one feels just right for its subject matter.

While assuredly it was marketed as a kids game, it’s definitely challenging, and still holds a place in my heart today.

What did you think of this one for the GameGear? Let us know if you tried it in the comments below!

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