8bitdo, bringing classic gaming to the forefront

8bitdo wants to end the long cord frustration

8bitdo the makers of other wireless controllers for iOS, has a solution for you. With their new wireless receiver, you just plug it into the controller port and start playing your favorite classics on your NES with a PS4 controller! Or maybe even a Wii or WiiU controller. Maybe just one of 8bitdo’s handy wireless controllers. The receiver acts as a Bluetooth dongle powered by the console, enabling you to sync any Bluetooth controller and enjoy.

The hardest thing about being a retro gamer is all the cables and cords jutting out all over the place. Especially when you have 2 controllers plugged in and your lines are getting tangled or you both put down your controller to go do something else and maybe your just playing a game and keep tripping over the damn things.

This is the perfect solution for those with TV’s mounted to the wall, who want to be able to play their NES from the comfort of their couch.

The company sells the receiver for $20, optional controllers are extra. 

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