25 Years Later. The Nintendo World Championships!

Nintendo World Championships

25 years ago in 1990. Nintendo held the very first Nintendo World Championships. The biggest event in gaming history possibly to this day! Thousands of contestants all across the Continental United States all culminating into one super tournament. The winner recieved one of the now coveted 1990 Nintendo World Championships cartridges.

25 years later. In an attempt to bring back the excitement of that competition, on June 14 in Los Angeles California. Nintendo will once again be hosting a World Championships event. Unfortunately they havent released many details so it’s up to us to make guesses on what the Big N will be displaying, showcasing, announcing and having us compete in.

I feel like it’s a safe assumption on my part to assume they’ll be playing versions of NES Remix type games, however Nintendo may surprise us! I guess we will have to find out!

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