Gaming Anniversaries September 2- Wild Arms 2

Released September 2, 1999- Wild Arms 2

Wild Arms 2 made its debut in the Japanese market on this day in 99′. For the Sony PlayStation.

Wild Arms 2 is another great RPG, as it seems at the beginning of most of the worlds school years, game companies are known to release some of the biggest RPG’s to take over all of that homework time.

Players will play as Ashley Winchester. A soldier who just witnessed all of his comrades becoming horrible monsters. In search of answers, he comes upon a man who offers him a position in ARMS. An organization of former soldiers and criminals who are trying to stop a terrorist organization. While traveling with ARMS and his new found comrades, he discovers the truth about whats happened to him, and to his comrades, and resolves to stop it.

Wild Arms 2 is not strictly a direct sequel to the first game in the series. It is just set in the same world. Filgaia, which has been dying slowly after the war of 1000 years ago, when a demon known as Lord Blazer came about to destroy the planet. Wild Arms 2 combines steam punk, fantasy and old west for a near perfect cosplayer’s dream game. As such, it actually sold extremely well, and kick started a whole new world in the RPG gamespace.

This one, however, was not seen as so much of a masterpiece at the time. Sadly, it received mixed reviews across the board. Ending up with an aggregate score of just 5.4 out of t10. This caused suffering sales in the west. However, it scored fairly well in Japan, receiving a 31/40 in Famitsu magazine.

In my opinion, though, the game is definitely worth giving a shot. The story and gameplay make any troubles worth it. Additionally, there are lots of interesting characters. At least then, you can form an educated opinion for yourself on whether the game is good or not!

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