Gaming Anniversaries January 11- Super Adventure Island

Released January 11, 1992- Super Adventure Island

Super Adventure Island jumped into the Japanese market on this day in 1992. For the Super Famicom.

Super Adventure Island

You are Master Higgins the Caveman. As you are enjoying a lovely day with your girlfriend, sunbathing and soaking in the life on Waku-Waku island. Suddenly, a wizard appears and turns your girlfriend to stone. Putting an end to your day together and causing confusion. Furthermore, a bird has snatched you and dropped you into a remote part of the island. What are the odds? Its now up to Master Higgins to stop the evil wizard and save your girlfriend from her petrified grave!

Super Adventure Island is an action platformer game. Each level is timed as it is in similar games of the time, so delay cannot be allowed. However, you will occasionally find secrets and bonuses that will slow the progression. The game features other things to speed you up, such as skateboards which will keep Master Higgins moving, no matter how slow you try to get. Additionally, you only have a limited number of hits, the skateboard will add one more. The game is also crawling with enemies at the most inopportune locations, meaning you must always be aware.

The only weapon you have is your trusty boomerang. Which will always return after striking an enemy. Moreover, the boomerang itself can be upgraded through powerups found in each level. After a series of levels in each “world”, you will face an end boss, that attempts to crush your chances of saving your girlfriend.

The game is definitely a challenge, no matter how simple it may appear.

The Adventure Island series is a long running one, with relation to other games and series’. If you only play one, Super Adventure Island is a really good game to start off on.

How do you feel about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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