Gaming Anniversaries February 16- Ristar

Released February 16, 1995- Ristar

Ristar dropped into the North American market on this day in 1995. For the Sega Genesis!

Ristar is a platform game starring the titular Ristar.

The players take the role of Ristar as he attempts to save the Solar System from the evil tyrant known as Greedy. Greedy has corrupted the leaders of each of the worlds and enslaved their populace! Additionally, his minions are everywhere, all looking like the natives of each planet helping to enforce Greedy’s rule. Moreover, he even stopped the hero of the Solar System, but he didn’t count on the heroes son being just as powerful as him!

Ristar has some unique attack moves. He can stretch out his arms, grabbing enemies and then headbutting them. This move also allows him to climb to higher surfaces and reach enemies up above. The game is a simple left to right movement, but its far from easy.

Ristar is a beautifully imagined and colorful game with nice graphics and even a great soundtrack to boot! Each world feels unique and will add its own challenges to the game.

Because of all of this, the game was included on multiple collections of Sega favorites and is still being re-released today with new versions on the iPhone, additionally, if you really like the retro goodness, a version can be found for the Sega GameGear!

What do you think of this game? let us know in the comments down below!

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