Gaming Anniversaries September 28- Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

Released September 28, 2006- Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl caught the Japanese market on this day in 06′. For the Nintendo DS.

Yet another entry into the long running Pokemon franchise. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl take the series to another world known as the Sinnoh region.

The game includes 107 new Pokemon to train and battle. Begging the question, when can it end? Apparently no time soon as the series is still bringing new creatures to this day.

The game starts the same as all the rest. Youre a brand new trainer thrust into the world of Pokemon. You receive your first Pokemon and move along town to town, completing small quests, collecting new Pokemon and battling other trainers in your quest to collect all eight badges and prove yourself as a Pokemon Master. Along the way, you will foil the evil plots of Team Galactic and uncover the mysteries of the Pokemon world!

Just like other Pokemon games, the game is heavy on random encounters and exploration. However, it is quite linear in its open world feel. The town’s all seem to go together and its nearly impossible to actually get lost. Leaving a little to the imagination. It is still a good game, just very much for a younger audience. Obviously I’ve played it, along with many many other adults, but it is very much on the child side. Still, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl was a very quick selling pair of games.

Reception by Critics

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl scored quite well. Receiving overall ratings of 85% on Metacritic. It scored slightl;y higher than the previous games, Ruby and Sapphire on the GameBoy Advance. Ultimately, it added nice new graphics along with an engaging gameplay feel. Even though it is much the same formula as Pokemon games before it.

Overall, there are better versions out there. But if you must start somewhere, you could always start here.

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