Ups and downs of playing games

As someone who plays video games basically all of the time. Always looking for them, trying new ones, playing old ones and researching them. Sometimes its hard to keep motivated and keep thinking about new things to say about them.

For the past little while I have barely touched a video game outside of occasional Minecraft and Pokemon Shuffle on the 3DS. This leads to feelings of apathy when it comes to them. Sure they’re all right there. Some in a neat stack, some thrown around and some still sealed in the shrink wrap they came in. You just don’t want to play.

I guess sometimes you just want to take a short break. Binge watch something crappy on TV and play handheld games or games that will shut our mind off for short bursts at a time.

Scouring the internet I often see people having this same trouble. Nothing excites them for just a little while. Soon they’ll be full force back into the video game world. I guess we all need a break from time to time. Is it just a result of getting older?

I still often visit great sites like IGN and the Playstation blog. I’m still deeply invested and interested in all things video game related. What turns off the desire to want to play a game? I remember being in school and suddenly the thought of some random game takes over and you just cant wait to get home and play it again.

Chomping at the bit, itching like a crackhead just wanting the day to end so you can go home and just head first into it. Play it for hours and repeat it with something else day in and day out. Lately I just haven’t had that kind of youthful exuberance about games. I know it will come back. I just need to find the right one again.

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