Gaming Anniversaries May 10 – Ninja-kun: Adventure of Devil Castle

Released May 10, 1985 – Ninja-Kun: Adventure of Devil Castle

Released on May 10’th, 1985 for the Famicom system in Japan. Ninja-Kun: Adventure of Devil Castle.

Ninja-Kun: Adventure of Devil Castle is the first game in the Ninja Kid series of games by Jaleco. Featuring three levels of upward scrolling fun. The levels repeat, however, the difficulty changes each time. Getting increasingly harder with each scene clear.

You play as a little ninja guy who looks kind of like something you made out of play-doh back when you were 3 years old. He’s still kind of cute though. The gameplay is simple and effective. Ninja-Kun can use shurikens and head stomps in order to defeat enemies. Every time a level is cleared, more enemies will appear and the game will get a little harder. This was a staple of Arcade gameplay back in the 80’s when this game first appeared in 1984 for Arcade machines. Nothing was left out of the port of the game by Jaleco.

Later, Bandai released a game of a similar name as part of the GeGeGe Kitaro series.

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