Gaming Anniversaries September 25-Life Force

Released September 25, 1987- Life Force

Life Force shot into the Japanese market on this day in 87′. For the Nintendo Famicom!

Life Force, also known as Salamander in Japan, is a side-scrolling shooter. It is another entry in the Gradius series of video games developed by Konami.

The game has the player controlling the famous ship, Vic Viper in an attempt to save the galaxy from the evil alien creature known as Zelos, which has been devouring planets as it grows bigger and bigger. The player will shoot down enemy craft. Collect power-ups and ready himself for the battle against Zelos. In the US version, there is no power up selection bar like other entries in the Gradius series. However, the Japanese version keeps the bar intact. Additionally, this version allows some power-ups to be combined. With he the exception of the laser and ripple cannon, which are not combinable.

Life Force can be considered a bullet-hell shooter. As at times, there are so many enemies on screen it is near impossible to know which way to steer. The game is extremely action-packed and will surely test your mettle as a gamer.

I personally love the Gradius series, and Life Force is no exception. It is one of the first NES games I have ever beaten. And let me tell you, that was no small feat. Some games others may find much more difficult feel like a breeze in comparison.

If you like shooters, today you should be playing this one! Let us know how you feel about Life Force or the Gradius games in general down below!

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