Gaming Anniversaries August 22- The Legend of Zelda

Released August 22, 1987- The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda inspired the minds of players all across North America on this day in 87′. For the NES.

Anyone who has ever played a video game will be able to recount their tale of playing The Legend of Zelda in near-perfect detail. From waiting on the next issue of Nintendo Power in hopes that they’ll have some more information, to hanging out with friends at school and sharing secrets. The little details of this puzzle game still elude some even with the power of the internet.

The Legend of Zelda helped to inspire a whole generation of gamers. From parents to kids, to well, everyone! The Zelda series was huge, and getting bigger all the time.

The birth of the Zelda series saw much frustration, serious gaming addiction and even spawned creativity from those young and old. Parents could sometimes be found with sheets of graph paper in front of them. Mapping out their movements to ensure they finish the game. This was all for a great reason. The first entry is still one of the best in the franchise in my humble opinion.

The Legend of Zelda starts players as Link, with only the knowledge that the Tri-Force of power must be restored in order to save the Princess, Zelda and defeat the evil Ganon. This is one action RPG that couldn’t be ignored.

To that end, Link will face off against numerous enemies, solve many puzzles and complete dungeon areas that stand in the way of collecting all the pieces. Unlike anything seen before it on the NES. Keeping players on the edge of its seats through the entire game.


The game came in this awesome glittery gold shiny shell. Making it near impossible to not notice. You really couldn’t ignore it. It begged to be played. 

Because of this, the series became so successful, it spawned toys, cartoons, and over 33 more games in the series.

The latest being Breath of the Wild, which took the world by storm in April of 2017. Truly, this is one franchise that we couldn’t have done without.


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