Gaming Anniversaries April 25- Gradius

Released on April 25 1986 for the Famicom in Japan – Gradius

Gradius is a side scrolling shooter game developed by Konami.  This was a fairly common genre in the NES era.

However, it had many added features including power ups and a less bullet hell type game play compared to others. Additionally, Gradius was ported from the arcade to the Famicom much like others in the genre in that era.

Featuring a power meter that is built up by using the power ups dropped by enemies. A staple in the series to this day. These will allow for weapon upgrades including laser beams or triple shots and second ships.

The purpose of the game is to defend yourselves against hordes of enemies and destroy the blue cores. Earning it the coined phrase “Destroy the Core!”

The game is also the first game to ever feature the iconic Konami Code. Pausing the game and entering the code unlocked all power ups aside from Laser,Speed Up and Double Shot.



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