Atom Universe tells us you actually can go Home again.

atom universe

Atom Universe is very reminiscent of Sony’s failed virtual world.

In 2008, Sony had some big dreams. They wanted to create an online virtual world where PS3 users could go to chat, play games and spend ludicrous amounts of money on entirely not real goods. In March of 2014, after a fairly respectable run, the servers shut down on the service leaving many Home denizens without a place to call Home. Atom Universe fills that gap.


atom UniverseCue, Atom Universe. Now currently available in early access open-beta type form on Steam, the virtual platform designed by Atom Republic is set to be exactly what Home was, and shouldve been. Even in its open beta form the world feels like it was pulled straight from PlayStation Home, with a new coat of paint and some answers to some of the biggest complaints from the doomed PS3 service. Such as lag between spaces.

atom universe

Atom Universe runs very quickly, from click to game you’re basically playing, Although at the current time all you can really do is set your avatar and enter the arcade for some bowling. Which incidentally also feels just like PlayStation Home.

The servers appear responsive and the character movement is fluid. At this time there are several emotions your character can perform as well as sitting etc.The chat functions are quick and the in game sounds are decent, although still feel like Home did.


Atom Universe in its current form has some previews of personal spaces and other locations in the world. Although not playable. They all look and have the same feel as PlayStation Home did when it was inĀ full force on the PS3. Sony may have doomed PlayStation Home right from the start with too many micro-transactions and general lag and lack of server responsiveness.

atom universeEspecially when there were more people using it. Atom Universe in its open beta form is already markedly faster and is currently able to accommodate up to 16 users at a time.

To get a free code for the PS4 version of Atom Universe, follow Atom Republic on Facebook and watch for a trivia question on Tuesdays. Sadly I haven’t been able to get one. Atom Universe is also available as an early access beta on Steam for everyone to enjoy!


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Living in St.John's Newfoundland, Dave has been a gamer all of his life. Starting with the NES and working both backwards and forwards, he intends to play the new along with the old!
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Living in St.John’s Newfoundland, Dave has been a gamer all of his life. Starting with the NES and working both backwards and forwards, he intends to play the new along with the old!

  • Great read, It also has a lot of 3rd party developers working with Atom Republic for Atom Universe coming up down the line that were developing for PlayStation Home, So the excitement is incredible as one can wonder what new amazing worlds/items/games & so much more that are yet to come.

    We are also very excited for the Theme Park rides to open, Not to mention the
    PlayStation VR & Oculus Rift headset compatibility down the line as well.
    Theme Park rides & more in VR, it’s a win/win.

    This whole new experience is going to be beyond amazing.
    Can not wait for the future of Atom Universe.

    • DazedDave

      I completely agree. Very excited to see whats next for Atom Universe and even more so to finally play it on the PS4. I did love PSHome and I’m very glad these guys stepped up to the plate. Thanks for reading!

  • Lucretia Linnartz

    I beg to differ with you Atom on the PS4 is nothing like home. I was on home from start to end and even when Home was brand new it out did Atom. As a gamer I really do not see it becoming any were near what home was. I don’t know what you have seen but maybe you should try the one we got on the PS4.